When we read these words, we get frustrated...
Is that how you feel?

so several questions arise...

What is the best Progressive Straightening?

Does it really align the hair? Will it reduce volume? Will I be pleased with the results?
These are tough questions when deciding on the ideal brand.

Let's dive into this universe?

Alignment, straightening, reduction, currently, in the universe of progressive straightening, all these end up being the same thing. The difference is: which brand will provide a lasting effect, without dry ends, and without making your hair thin and brittle? That is why it is crucial to know the long-lasting effects on hair that has already undergone that procedure. This is our tip to put an end to your doubts!




Parabens, Petrolatum, and Sodium Chloride


*Yields on average 15 applications

How does it work?

The unique PROLISS technology acts directly on the cortex. It promotes the leveling of fibrous filaments, thereby increasing the resistance of the hair. It covers the cuticle layer, providing moisture retention. The action of heat (dryer and flat iron) fixates the straight effect, which is why it is essential to follow the procedure step by step.

Result: equalization of the hair texture, maximum reduction, immediate sealing, and intense shine.


See how easy it is to use Zero Uno. You can use it at the salon or at home. Zero Uno is very simple and practical to apply! Check out the step by step below.

After washing with an anti-residue shampoo, completely dry the hair.

With the aid of a brush, apply the product throughout the length of the dry hair (DO NOT APPLY ON THE SCALP), from the root towards the tip, strand by strand. Align the hair with the help of a comb.

Leave it on for 40 minutes wearing a metallic cap (*for thin, delicate, and blond hair, leave it on for 20 minutes. For resistant hair, leave it on for 60 minutes). Then, re-align the hair, strand by strand, and rinse the product thoroughly.

Then, give the hair a blowout, straightening it until it is shiny. Use the flat iron one thin strand at a time, 10 to 12 times on each strand (*reduce the temperature of the iron in case of blond and thin hair).

Important details for a
successful use:

Remove 100% of the moisture from the hair using a blowdryer.

Average amount per application:
50ml - short to medium hair
70ml - short hair
80ml - long hair
120ml - extra-long hair

Apply the product only on new growth or where there is a puffy aspect.

Use the flat iron on low temperature for blond and thin hair;

Check out the results!

Step-by-step video of Zero Uno